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Hey You


Hey you
What do you want me for you?
I needn't be an appeal to you
I am behind your door
You don't even know
What you feel
You ask for more
You just need more
Children keep a score
What do you think
We do that before

Raven to forming masses
Into the Glass houses
Resisting all the curbs
Let it bleed let it seem let it bend

Fear is clubbed in
Now all that's clear
Collecting forming
A Single tear
Drip away from all that's near
From everything that we all deal
I'm hanging on to the word said
A burning star
Is your head
But I wonder where we are led
And a quest for crystal wails

Raven to forming masses
Came through glass houses
Resisting all the curbs
Let it bleed let it wait let it bend

Also words that I wrote that night
And the last ones only seem
To mean the most
A ghost floating through a world
and I think I dream that she believes and swears

I feel so default I fell
I think it's so default I thought
I'm stucking so that for i'm caught
But what that I said I ever saw?