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Holdin On To You

Brad Paisley

I'm holdin on to you
When I close my eyes
You're still in my arms
and we never said goodbye
And it's all I can do
To go on with my life
But that's supposed
to be the reason
why I'm here tonight

In a downtown restaurant with
a friend of a friend
Well she sure likes to talk and
I ain't hearda single word
she's said

Oh,but every now and then
I nod
And I pretend to pay attention
And I say things like "Uh Huh"
And "Yeah, you're right" and
"Are you Kiddin"
And I laugh when it seems
like the right thing to do
It's hard to hold a
Holdin' on to you

I'd give anything
just to hear your voice
or see you look at me and smile
Oh but what I miss the most

Is holdin' on to you
'Cause here I am tonight
Starin at a woman
Who's the last thing on my mind


When I close my eyes
You're still in my arms
And we never said goodbye

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