With or without a choice
to confront every vice without a voice
dont deny your will to live is shattered and your hope is a jaded lie
the quality within will shape the path we choose

All this time to call the things they did a lie
keep it to yourself so i can shove the dark aside and i wont have to
tear the honesty from everything we used to be again

The quality within will shape the path we choose
the quality we loose will form the grave we use

Legions are sent from the negative elite sucking life from the world we live
shading the knowledge of oneness and feeding the shadow within the abyss
found internally
strength to change our misery

Shining light carves the way for their demise
dissecting the patterns in our own lives to sift love from experience
remember why we have come

Silently ascending
heeding the universal call as we grow
the shadow cast is nearing its retreat
we are now in the time of the fall

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