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Mystery Man

Sarina Paris

Close my eyes at night
I never get a chance to sleep
Every beat of my heart gets stronger
I know we're gonna meet
No face, don't know your name
Each time you satisfy my hungry heart
I will give you all my love tonight
Stay with me forever

You're my mystery man
Where are you tonight
You're my mystery man
I need you right here by my side
You're my mystery man
Every night I see you in my dreams
You're my mystery man
Mystery man!

Now I'm afraid to look around
And find you're no where to be found
Are you real or an illusion
Don't bring me down
I've been trying for too long
To find a place where I belong
Mystery man, if my world is not good enough
Take me into yours!


Don't bring me down!...


You're my mystery man
Mystery man!

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