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Alone With You

Parokya Ni Edgar

If I could come up with
A better excuse I will
But I can't so I wont
I'll just tell you the truth that

I really think you're hot
And I'm afraid your friend is not
And though I think it's great that she could stay
I'd rather spend this time alone with you

If I could find one friend
Who would hook with yours I will
But I can't so I wont

And if I could lie and say
That I wish she could stay I will
But I don't so I wont
Why wont she go away look

I think your friends okay
And there's no easy way for me to say
So could you ask your friend if she could leave
Just so I could be alone with you

Alone with you

I don't think she knows that
I want her so to go
I'm not sure if you do too
So tell me if you want to be alone with me too
So we could just ask her to leave

I can't make my move
If she stays here in my room
Unless you say it's okay
Then I guess she could stay

If you realy think it's fine
And if you promise me that she wont mind
I guess it's okay if she wants to stay
As long as I could be alone with you

Alone with you (x3)

If she was hot like you
I would ask her to join but she's not
So shell just have to watch tv

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