I can't believe I can pass
On this path
And go beyond a state of anger

Far away from past rage crisis
I am now controlled by an unknown feeling of hate

Paroxysmic rage
My heart pumps nitroglycerine
Encountement of a state of anger
Deliverance of inner emotions
For the realization of your salvation
Oh the one I hate
Feel the atrocities of this paroxysm

Now lead by a strong instinct
Loss of physical control
Everything seems slowler
Every sense increases
Nothing exists except you
And all the pain you carry

The feeling is now so intense, so complete
Tears of rage flow through my eyes
Through my veins, through my soul
Convulsions of adrenaline hits my body
Bow to me!

I am now controlled by this paroxysmic rage

Paroxysmic rage, never again
The end is so tragic, so sadistic, so magic
Paroxysmic rage, give me the hate to close your fate
Paroxysmic hate, make me end my liberty

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