Ceremonial gathering
Of the black synod
The five chosen ones
Surrounds my rest place

Five virgin daggers in hands
Pointed to my chest
Bizarre chorus of ageless voices

Ancient and immortal
Hear the whispers of the elders
Graveless voices forgotten by time
One more time singing
Around a funeral pyre

Screams of sorcery
Feeding the strength in grief
Dark and soulless mind
Making thoughts in pieces

A colossal shock
Against the helmet of death
Like the hammer of their gods
Crushing their souls

The desert and moonless sky
The only witnesses
Of this passage ritual
To the realm of death

No sins to confess
Or mistakes to forgive
Just a journey to follow
A final price to pay

Heretic and reverse baptism
Of the warriors is taking place
The torch of unholy fire
Releases the spirit from the crust
I burn in joy and triumph
With the coins on my eyes
And now I join the eternal fire

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