On a cold autumn morning
I gazed out my window.
Dreaming, daydreaming my life away.
Still remember the words and the memories we shared,
you were mine yesterday, now your heart's astray.
Is it true what they say
that in love all is fair babe ?
Never one string attached to the one's we need ?
There's a price to be paid walking down lovers lane,
Where your shoes worn out fast, when you drag your feet.

Just one day, can we spend it together ?
Just one day,
just for old time sake babe.
Just one day, things can only get better.
Just you and me.

We had everything going our way,everything yeah.
We had nothing to loose, cause we'd already won.

I will save you,
come and save me.
We are made for each other
If only for one day,
just one lovely day.

There's a road leading nowhere,
we're bound to get of soon.
Looking for shelter the both of us.
We've been travelling far, hey we came a long way.
I was yours yesterday, now my heart's astray.
I saw the September moon
falling from the horizon.
Wishing and longing my life away.
Still remember the words and the memories we shared.
I'm a fool for your love, only you could stay

Just one day…

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