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By The Sea

Patti LuPone

Mrs. Lovett:
Ooh Mr. Todd, I'm so happy I could
Eat you up, I really could!
You know what I'd like to do, Mr. Todd?
What I dream-- if the business stays as good--
Where I'd really like to go, in a year or so.
Don't you want to know?

Yes, of course.

Mrs. Lovett:
Do you really want to know?

Yes, yes, I do, I do.

Mrs. Lovett: [Spoken]
I've always had a dream, ever since I was a skinny little
Slip of a thing and my rich aunt Nettie used to take me to
The seaside August Bank Holiday... The pier... Making
Little castles in the sand. I can still feel me toes wiggling
Around in the briny.

By the sea, Mr. Todd, that's the life I covet.
By the sea, Mr. Todd, ooh, I know you'd love it!
You and me, Mr. T, we could be alone
In a house wot we'd almost own,
Down by the sea,

Anything you say.

Mrs. Lovett:
Wouldn't that be smashing?
With the sea at our gate, we'll have kippered herring
Wot have swum to us straight from the straits of Bering.
Every night in the kip, when we're through our kippers,
I'll be there slippin' off your slippers
By the sea, with the fishies splashing,
By the sea, wouldn't that be smashing?
Down by the sea...

Anything you say,
Anything you say.

Mrs. Lovett:
I can see us waking, the breakers breaking,
The seagulls squawking: Hoo-hoo!
I do me baking, then I go walking
With you-hoo, you-hoo!
I'll warm me bones on the esplanade,
Have tea and scones with me gay young blade.
Then I'll knit a sweater while you write a letter,
Unless we got better to do-hoo.

Anything you say.

Mrs. Lovett:
Think how snug it'll be underneath our flannel
When it's just you and me and the English Channel.
In our cozy retreat, kept all neat and tidy,
We'll have chums over every Friday.
By the sea, don't you love the weather?
By the sea, we'll grow old together.
By the seaside, hoo-hoo!
By the beautiful sea!

Oh, I can see us now in our bathing dresses, you in a nice
Rich navy, and me-- stripes perhaps.

It'll be so quiet that who'll come by it
Except a seagull? Hoo-hoo!
We shouldn't try it, though, till it's legal for two-hoo!
But a seaside wedding could be devised,
Me rumpled bedding legitimized.
Me eyelids'll flutter, I'll turn in butter,
The moment I mutter, "I do-hoo!"

By the sea in our nest, we could share our kippers
With the off paying guest from the weekend trippers,
Have a nice sunny suite for the guest to rest in.
Now and then, you could do the guest in.
By the sea, married nice and proper.
By the sea, bring along your chopper
To the seaside, hoo-hoo!
By the beautiful sea!

Come on, dear. Give us a kiss. Ooh, that was lovely.

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