Every day I try and try
I really want to live my life for You
Only to You
I'm coming closer every day
I'm happy on the narrow way with You
Only with You

But I want to be more like You
See You in me more, shine through
I want to share me with You
And I find my life is hidden in Your love

I know my weaknesses too well
Your love is more than I can tell
But the enemy comes to kill and to destroy
I know Your work in me is strong
I'm putting all the armour on
But I know sometimes I fail to stand my ground

But You only see me like You
And only You in me shines through
You only see me win through
And I find my life is hidden in Your love

And when I realize You've given me Your righteousness
There's no more striving
You'll never change Your mind, You were for me all the time
You take my breath away, You're more than I can say

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