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Perfect By Thursday

Kendall Payne

Good week I've got
Gonna see him once again
Been working out, reading up
Be all smart and slim
Who'd knew I'd be this anxious
Who'd have guessed this horrid fate?
All I know is I
Have to be perfect by Thursday
Perfect by Thursday

I rarely get to see him
And his name is all I know
He smiles like a king
And that's all he'd dare to show
I'm faithfully attending
My motive almost pure
Reckless in my thinking
But it's his that I'm not sure

Perfect by Thursday
I'm planning the evening
I know what I'm wearing
And what I'll be singing
Perfect by Thursday

One day left
And it's not looking very good
I haven't seen much progress
To perfection like I should
But now I cannot quit
Because today could be the day
That all the effort
All the work decides to finally pay.

And then you will fall in love
I smile when you walk by
I laugh even louder
You don't even bother

I hold every memory
As sweet as a lemon
As loose as a fire

So now he's on the TV screen
He's catching for some man
Moved away and left me here
I don't understand
But I'm convinced that he'll be back
When I do least expect
Despite my opposition
I fear that I am correct

Perfect by Thursday
I'm sprinting to make it
If I have to fake it
You know I can take it

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