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Twist Of Fate


Feels great when you get the runaround
Life you led was full of lies
Too late when you start to look around
All you find is wasted lives
Do you want to obliterate some things you don't understand
Since you want to succumb to fate
Watch the world slip through your hands

You get the feeling that its never gonna change
It doesn't mean a thing your life's not gonna end
Doesn't mean a thing don't say goodbye my friend
Cause it doesn't mean a thing a simple twist of fate
No it doesn't mean a thing you start to get the feeling
That it's never gonna end it doesn't mean a thing

You hate when you start to think about
Things in life that could have been
Too late its not gonna turnaround
Can't escape the mess your in
Do you wish there was a way to stop the fickle hand of fate
Or do you give in to the urge and kill the very thing you hate
Do you feel alive for the first time?

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