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Watching, waiting
Time at hand has come to a close lately
Hating, killing
Peae it comes to those who are willing
Today, sorrow
Eye for an eye and that's the law of tomorrow
Distant, nearer
Wartime clear as your face is in the mirror
Getting clearer
Deadly, leaders
I don't think that that will make believers
Burns, lashes
Blistering heat as the people fall to ashes
Atomic, winter
Ice cold hell on earth to non repenters
Silence, after
All caused by elected deadly bastards
You bastards! yeah
Countries in chaos
The troops on the way
Rabid mouths giving their orders today
Bodies of loved ones there they lay
Cold time
Children in the streets
Death on your breath and blood on your hands
There is no time to weep
Looking out for number one machine guns earn your keep
Keeping watch over your shoulder life it doesn't come cheap
Countries in chaos