It’s okay if we can get through this
Away from the world where it all won’t be missed
Unfamiliar was the sudden sound
Handcuffed face first on the ground!

You can’t play with forever there’s no going back
You can take what’s rebelyes from my on attack
I’ve been losing for years, wish I could switch it all
You can have what’s rebelyes for your protocol

It’s alright if we can pass this by
Away with the old giving new a try
Unfamiliar was the violent sound
Handcuffed face first on the ground!

Denied the help-way before now & stubborn was I, could not comply
Sorrow borrowed from the fear of tomorrow
I will always remember- never forget this!
Waiting on judgement day to save my soul-for myself!
Waiting so long
Want it to be gone!

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