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All Night All Right

Peter Andre

If you feel it in your soul
Let the music take control....All Night All Right
Time to get your party on
Do it till the break of dawn....All Night All Right

Everybody knows about the place to be
Especially on a night like tonight
And baby I can't help but thinkin' you should be with me
At ten to two a two's a ten
I'm about to lose control


Like to see you movin' to your favorite tune
The way you work that body get's me in the mood
I can't help but wonderin' if you'll stay with me
It's ten to nine you're looking fine
And I can't help but vibe, vibe

Cos honey you're on my mind so fine
Wanna see you groove all night all night all night long
Can you help me
I'm about to lose control

Yeh buddy...yes yes y'all, get up off the wall
You can get down or you can get clowned
One for the trebie and two for the bass
Three to get steady is everybody ready
If it's all night then it's all right no
Pass me the mic and watch the party smoke
Heat it up and you can speed it up
Gonna scratch a little bit, but don't beat it up
While your posted in position by the speaker
You could be out on the floor with Tamika tryin' to freak her
Peter better go grab Janet
And don't let her go god damn it
When he asks you to dance you better not say no
What the hell you come in here for
Are you lookin for some action or satisfaction or a physicalattraction

(Chorus x2)

It's in your soul just take control...All right
It's going on till break of dawn...All right

(Chorus - repeat till fade)

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