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Look at me, I'm a castaway
I'm somewhere I shouldn't belong
I was placed here yesterday
And there's a man smiling at me
I said, 'Why am I here?
When You are so holy?
I will never hit the mark'.
He said, 'Yes this is true
But my friend, I've done it instead'.

Run, run, run
The law it beckons me
But gives me no limbs
Fly, fly, fly
The gospel bids to me
And lovingly gives me some wings
So I will fly
Held on the wind of grace
That teaches me when to say yes and say no
So I will fly
On eagle's wings
You're helping me win the prize
But always with love in Your eyes
Love in Your eyes

Look at me on a journey now
The road looks narrow ahead
But everytime that my head falls
I feel a hand steadying me
I said, 'Teach me Lord,
That I may be holy
In silver and gold I must build'.
He said 'All that I've started in you
I'll see to the end'.

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