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For A Friend

Phil Collins

When I saw him last
He had that look in his eyes
I said: "do you need to talk?"
He said: "no"

So I called him up
Asked him again and I waited a while
He began to speak
Then he started to cry

You know some things are best left unspoken
Somethings just never work out
And sometimes
Seems you try and you try and whatever you do
There´s a fix that you´re in and you just can´t get out

He said "I need your help,
I need it now!
Give me the strength to go on!"

Well I didn´t know why
But I knew that something was wrong
He still had his pride
He´d tell me in time

But this feeling inside
Kept eating at me
I was losing a friend
And I had to know why

When I heard his voice on the phone
I knew it was bad news
So I rushed to be by his side

We said goodbye for the last time
I gently hugged him
Kissed him goodbye

He whispered: "I need you help
I need it now!
Give me the strenght to go on!"

We were always laughing
Just remember laughing mama
We were always laughing

Oh I need your help
I need it now
Give me the strength to go on

Well as time goes by
And it all becomes clear
We see the distant
We see the light

So I asked myself over and over and over again
What did they know
And what did they hide

Fools..give it to me..stop laughing
Fools..turn it away

When I think of my friend with that look in his eyes
And if they told the truth
He might been here today

Oh I need your help
I need it know
Just give me the strength to go on

We were always laughing
Just remember the laughing
We were always laughing
It´s just we need it now

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