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It's Alright

Phil Roy

It's alright
Forget what you don't have
Forget that you don't
Just forget it
Forget that you're afraid
Forget that you are
Don't panic
Forget that you're alone
Everyone's alone
Think about it

It's alright
And when it ain't easy
It's just life
Don't worry
It's alright
We're all in the dark
Looking for the light, the light
Don't worry

Forget that you can't love
Forget that you can't
Just forget it
Forget the reasons why
Forget the reasons
Can you do that
Forget that you are lost
Everyone gets lost in the journey


Stop take a look around you
Just stop maybe it'd be better
If you calm down
It's alright

Chorus out

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Composição: Adam Cohen / Heitor Teixeira Pereira / Phil Roy. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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