so I came all the way from Trenton,
spent a full night at the station,
in a suitcase made of calico brown
now I'm almost out of money,
and I'm sleepy and hungry,
I wanna lay my body down I don't wanna cause
I don't need a bath of bubbles,
just a floorboard for the pavement on
the ground I'll take a steeple or a stable,
or a dining room table,
just to lay my body down
lay, lay my body down
so I go back to see my baby,
since no other place'll take me,
when I stop to brush my hair back
with a comb
and I can almost see our porch light,
and it's shining like a northern light,
God how I wanna be home
to lay, lay my body down
lay, lay my body down
but some joke from Albuquerque,
with some white wine and a turkey,
come to entertain my girl while I
was gone
this bear thinks everything is funny,
he's got his paws into my honey,
then he lay her body down
now just as every schoolyard
has a teacher,
every chapel has a preacher,
every angry man has 6 shells
to a round
I've been an honest man,
I've walked as straight as I can,
but I'm gonna lay his body down
lay, lay his body down

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Composição: Jason Levine / Jon Levine. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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