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Once twice sometimes thrice i come for you with a stanley knife
nicely nicely come on excite me i wanna feel your metal sliceme
feel defile oh so dumb i see you hurt now here i come

i'm silent i'm violent be still while i have my will
i'm soon hot soon cold
a mismarriage of velvet how i feel it
my skin is aflame my mind is lame
you twist this knot and feed my pain

slice slice here comes the knife
slice slice here comes the knife

feed the fire on my funeral pyre you're the pearl i'm the pain
you're the lesion i'm the lesion i hear a great big noise insidemy head
a squinting eye a squeezing finger bide the hurts with a chink oflead
there's a fear filled blood red sea in my mind a pound of lies ismy legacy
gimme the space and i'll show you the pace
you're the fish i'm the foul meat in the middle
turn up the fire put the flesh on the griddle
you're the place that holds me in its spell
that holds me like the native place
to you i talk, walk and stalk
the seaboard secret strikes the line
the land i burn is all that's mine
burn your lover
burn your shrine
fill my cup and bide my time
i'm the silent cyclone the silent medicine
this killin' is fillin' my cup to brimmin'
you obey while i betray
i taste and die heave and cry
yearn for one more reddened eye
the tree the flower and the seed
will sapporate and dry and bleed
your secret skin will spell my name
your secret skin will shelter me
your secret skin will smell of me
your secret skin will hide this

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