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Next Time


I know it's late
But I had to tell you what's been one my mind
It's been so long
Since I held you close and looked into your eyes

I know that lately it seems
That time has passed us by
But boy I promise
That our love will be alright

(But the next time I hold)
The next time that I hold you in my arms
(The next time I touch)
Oh I'm Longing boy, yes I'm longing for your touch
(The next time I kiss)
Let me taste the sweetness of your lips on mine
The next time's all for you
(I want you to know)
Please know this love is true

Come close to me
Let me show you that my heart is yours to keep
Oh baby no, don't you hesitate
This time you'll feel the warmth of our love
in my embrace

Chorus x2

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