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Fire! Fire

The way you walk and talk
Really sets me off
To a full alarm child
The way you squeeze, tease
Knocks me to my knees
Cause I'm smokin' baby
The way you swing. . . curves
Really racks my nerves
I'm so excited child
The way you push, push
Lets me know that you're the girl for me
(you're gonna get your wish)

Fire, Fire Fire, Fire

When you shake what you've got
And girl you've got a lot
You're really somethin' child
When you're hot, you're hot
You really shoot your shot
You're dynamite, dynamite yeah

Fire, Fire Fire, Fire

Got me burning, got me burning Got me burning, got me burning

Well, I can tell by your game
You're gonna start a flame
In my heart
I'm gonna choke from the smoke
When you tighten up your stroke
Can you feel it, girl

Fire, Fire
Fire, Fire

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