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So give me a reason to
I see how he treat you
So come on your mine tonight
You lookin' to me
Like I am your freedom

I'll set you free alright
No I can't deny you
I know just where you want me

And I move right beside you
And there's nothing you can do my
And you back up on me to

I'm what you want
Oh we got?
And he shoulda known better
Now there's nothing he can do

I was never tryna steal you
I, I was never tryna? You
I seen what you wanted baby

You know what you wanted baby
Don't lie
I was only gettin' faded
I, so you wanted me to take you
You know what you wanted baby
Don't lie

So give me a reason to?
He's wrong to have played you
I? Tonight
You like how I sing
I like how you move
The party's?
You have my attention
Now I gotta know

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