Oh to be like Adam
In the coolness of the day
Walking there beside you
And see the pleasure on your face
Love so amazing
The king of heaven holds my hand

And oh to be like Moses
To see you in the flames
To bow in fear and trembling
And hear you gently call my name
And in spite of all my weakness
You love me just as I am, as I am

Ever close to You
Jesus keep me ever close to You
Wherever I may go
In everything I do
Jesus keep me ever close to You

Like the woman on her hands and knees
Crawling through the crowd
Reaching out to touch You
Knowing in You hope is found
Oh let me climb up near to You
And love and long and plead
Jesus find me

There's healing for the broken
There's power for the weak
There's rescue and redemption
Falling at your feet
Such Holy sweet communion
I find everything I need

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Composição: Barry Weeks / Chad Cates / Michael Farren. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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