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Where do you stand in this battle cry? Tribal soldier!
Represent I and I a, jah jah warrior

The reconstruction commences, the soldiers equip for thelessons
My life, a sacrifice is made new through these confessions
Manifested, this joy is my desire
Light this fire to flames, praise the name, jehovah jireh
Is my provider, the truth that lives inside of this fighter?
Take me higher, master, sire makes me a good rider
I'm gonna ride on down till I break through the front lines
And ain't going home until I gets mines

I grab ahold of my second chance, this time gonna make it last
Left the world came back an outkast
To lay among the remains, through the trials and the pains
Run for cover, make shelter, uncharted terrains
Bloodstains light the paths to the ways of living breath
My soul is put to the test
Blessed with a mic in my hand, jah make straight my steps
Then I hooked up with payable on death
We flow in unity, stand in one while the foolish be
Lost in this hour, with power we have authority
To overcome while these cowards just pick up and run
We ain't done till this battle has been fought and won
The victory, how sweet it be, is already ours
Holding the stars, is the man that carries my scars
Always the same, I wear his name with now shame
Here in this battle cry, we will never die

We will never die tribal warriors

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