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Give It Up

Point Break

T' was the night of the 1st december you remember
How we give it up for everything
Who would have thought that we'd come this far tear
Them apart being who we are

But are you ready for us,
Stand up for more are you ready for us
Stand up'n'walk tallwe can't stop
No no we can't stop now
Can you feel it can you feel it
We can't stop
No no we can't stop now
Do you feel it do you feel it

Everybody come on'n'raise your hands
Demands of the man with the master plan somebody
Take command'n' lead us once again to the promise land
You got to take it,shake it
Come on,break it,it's pay back time
They said we wouldn't make it
We'r down here only to shook
Stand up,stand up raise your hands
Don't stop don't stop

Raise your hands, give it up
I wanna hear you say
Yeah yeah
Raise your hands, give it up

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