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Emmanuel, God With Us

Point Of Grace

She lit a candle in a downtown cathedral
Quietly confessing, counting on a blessing
She looked as if she had nowhere to go
I could see her weeping
Hands together hoping you would hear...

This is the time of year
We hold our families near
But god let us be a friend to the hurting

Oh emmanuel, god with us
Spirit revealed in us
That we may be your hope to the world
Oh emmanuel, god with us
With a light to break the darkness
That we may show your hope to the world
Emmanuel, god with us
Be god in us

I moved in closer just so i could see her face
Maybe she was a mother
Someone's only daughter
Her silver hair shimmered like the snow
Christmas bells were ringing
Now beside her kneeling i asked her name

(and she said)
This was the time of year
I had my family near
But they've all gone and i have been so lonely

So with my family that christmas day
A girl of sixty years would laugh and play
And as we watched her dance our eyes were full of tears...

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