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Blue Skies

Point Of Grace

Verse 1
On days of gray
When doubt clouds my view
Its so hard to see past my fears
My strength seems to fade
And its all I can do
To hold on, till the light reappears.
Still, I believe though some rain's bound to fall
That you're here next to me
And you're over it all.

Lord, the sky's still blue
For my hope is in you
You're my joy, You're the dream thats still alive
Like the wind at my back
And the sun on my face
You are life,You're grace.
You are blue skies, You're my blue skies

Verse 2
When nights are long
Seems the dark has no end
Still we walk on in the light of the truth
For waiting beyond, where the morning begins
Is the dawn, and your mercy anew.
Oh, to believe we're alive in your love
There is so much to see, if we keep looking up.


You filled the heavens with hope and a higher love
A picture of promise for life.


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Composição: Grant Cunningham / Matt Huesmann. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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