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King Of The World

Point Of Grace

Spinning around on the tops of his feet
Smiles of the angels cannot be so sweet
Wide blue eyes and piggy tail swirls
She's her daddy's girl

'cause he knows the jokes thar always make her laugh
Takes her for ice cream instead of her math
At the end of the day by the light of the moon
They turn up the music in their living room
And she yells

Dance me, dance me around
Till my feet don't ever touch down
There's nothing better than being your girl
Ad if i am your princess then daddy
You are the king of the world

It's funny how life moves in circles of time
To think not so long ago that face was mine
Houses get smaller we take different names
But somethings in life stay the same

Someday she'll go off and find a life of her own
And marry a good man and make a happy home
Until she comes back and sees with those same eyes
What time cannot disguise

She walks through the door with that look on her face
'cause daddy's brown hair has all turned to gray
They talk for hours, they cry and they laugh
Watching old movies and thinking back
Just as she turns to go she says
"hey dad, how 'bout one for the road?"

Dance me, dance me around
Till my feet don't ever touch down

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