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10 x 10 x 10 x No!
A no-go for go-show
We're out on demo! Let's move
This motion! Prove the notion!
Celebration of hopeless devotion
There's no doubt
About our intention
We're shouting out
Our discension
Papers dig dirt we're out getting
Hurt. A sure cert.
The town's on red alert!
Is something for nothing
Really a dumb thing
Making swans out of
Ugly ducklings
It's the process of the mostest
No licking bum and no incest
You're lost in aw
In the candystore
The cost of the handywork
You adore...you can't afford
So took what you saw
I applaud! It's what
God made pockets for
Raid the bank
a smash for the cash tank

I no thank you and
Your crew and attitude
It's positively negative
Like radio sedaative
All take no give
Strain this shit
Through a seive and
See what still lives
Well I bet you've met your fate and
Now it's too late leave the stage
'Cost I've had my wait

JUst got to say no!
Just got to scream
Just got to say it! No!

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