They'll come upon us all
If we want change
Maybe they are too strong

If you wait
Our chance is getting small
Then they are right
And suddenly you're wrong

The aim is clear
Absolute power
No dissenters
They raise the fear
Protecting themselves with fascist

Don't you believe
Their power's growing up
Too many people
Voting for their aimes

Listen to me
If they're coming into power
They'll change their faces
And you're the first to go
A big delusion
For all who believed in them
No one could know
Everybody would say

No one can help
Now it's too late
If we had learned from the past
They will pray

Remember the past now
What happened there
The same situation
Fascists everywhere

Is what they did pray
Anything that is different
Destroying your fatherland

A big delusion
For all who believed in them

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