Rap of the enemies

So here is what i breathe, so here is my life
I keep stepping on top of who underestimate me
I fight for survival that there is hip hop
Not saying a teacher has been
Tell me who does not want're on top of the top
Will be won by persistence not born to be loser
Who said i can also not be emperor
Give me the time comes experience so do not talk about something that does not exist
I'm in activity only telling the truth "i am legend" will smith type
Pretends not heard (what?)
"brazil's lies" could not understand
My enemies i'll beat
Connects soldiers, the wacky league roma will lose
Close your mouth if you have nothing to say
Pq this is my way of defending myself
I will prove to soldiers that the owner is not my pride was gone
I will do what none of my brothers got
You do not know where i come from how many quarters i spent
I've lost count already know or do not know
How many times i went to college fasting
Foot on the clay feet in the water as if it were common
Open sewer in the front door does not happen only with a
I am a number of soldiers
Outside the law is still the dum dum
I do not think that neither shia
You have a lot of paint and a little rhyme
Then neither is
I have the source that you do not have
Ah yes if all white rhyme well
Cabal until the stick was going to pay me
I'm broke and underpaid as in rhyme slim
(already dropped your bankroll) will end up with i'll be sorry
You go away that neither dimenor
Will try again but will stay only
Neither in nor in faustão gugu
Worse, than the doga's the turn of jigaboo
Mag or pumped
Escort queer
Stick your ass in the league
Is c10, c10
No wonder that i'm camisa10
Makes history, tells her that i tell my
Money is not only having a mansion of the abbey
But is also only have a bed to sleep in the day
I'm fighting this war in constant evolution
I'm stronger i work not count on luck is with the heart
No one starts jumping from manager boss
Rap to you is your enemy bocózão
Nóis the soldiers you're gonna make a fool
I will not stop so easily
I'm in the rain that was born to me
I got this shit from the time that the mayor was still marrone
Today i'm playing the game by putting everything in my name
I grow is in the eye not to be type fiasco chamone
For those who think a time out of my empire crumbles
This is part of the game 'cause this here is the art of war

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