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Black Eyed Susan

Prairie Oyster

She walks into work on Monday
Too much make-up on her face
As if there's something more than time and lines
She's trying to erase
Secret shadows
Paint and powder cannot hide
And for every one she covers up
A new one grows inside

She's the last to leave the office
She's afraid not to go home
She's afraid to be with people
She's afraid to be alone
And when courage feels like cowardice
It all gets too confusing
It's a twisted garden where you grow
Black-eyed Susan

And your mama says:
Run for your life
From a path not freely chosen
You can't last
It's a crazy maze of tangled weeds
And your footsteps are all frozen
In the past
It's a game of chance, girl
You can't win for losing
Black-eyed Susan, black-eyed Susan

There's a peaceful garden somewhere
The wind is soft and warm
And the sun and rain and brown earth
Keep the flowers safe from harm
And nobody laughs to see your pain
It ain't nothing that's amusing

And your mama says:
Run for your life - you can change a path not chosen
You are no man's wife
Save your heart before it's frozen
And your petals fade and fall
From all the bruising
Black-eyed Susan, black-eyed Susan
Black-eyed Susan, black-eyed Susan

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