You, Lenard Skinerdhat,
Me little kitty.
Sat across with a velvet jacket,
Wild orange hair and dark dark eyes.
I gawked, like a tweleve year old smitten.
Carla the stripper,
Strait from L.A.
"You seem cool for a naked chick and a pouf,
"Lets be pals some day".
In other words
"Put some cloths on and call me"

I saw you,
It was incredible.

Slim, relaxed, fine wine at the QFC
On a snowy saturday night.
Black pearls and i swear you were drinking beer,
You were the redhead behind the counter there.
I'm the one who thought it was Cher there,
You had the dry cleaning and i think you were dreaming.

I saw you,
It was incredbile.
Mumbled these words at you,

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Composição: Chris Ballew / The Presidents of the United States of America. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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