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Verse 1

Now tell me what kind of superman.would take you in his
bedroom baby and hit you with some front back and side to side.
like hydrolics on a stormy nite and break you off somethingproper like.
Aint no need for you to to perputrate cuz u will accomodate andyou will appreciate
the way he flips you up down and round and round in it and outmake you scream and
shout."shorty put your thing down down"

He aint your boyfriend.He aint your husband just somebody you cancall
when your body needs a fix .He'll put you in the mix.Then you'llhear me
screaming whats my name .say my name splackavellie.
Every woman needs her own splackavellie and brother
she can call when her man aint doin her right
he can work it all nite.Until the morning light make her feel
right right.
repeat chorus
verse 2:
Tell me what kind of superman.Would make you feel
good with his mouth and kiss you from your earring to your bellychain
and then go down a lil further mane .Its all right
baby aint no shame
drop the top on his mercedez benz .So her legs can
feel the win as he hits it again and again and again.
Its all good yeah. cuz im bout it bout it baby.. im bout it boutit baby

repeat chorus 2:

Yeah its all right... its all right right... right oooooo
whats my name spell my name
yeah s-p-l-a-c-k-a-v-e-l-l-i-e.. splackavellie a baby baby
i dont think you hear me s-p-l-a-c-k-a-v-e-l-l-i-e
ooooooo.. yeah yeah.... Toni needs a splackavellie,
Lisa needs a splackavellie,Gina needs a splackavellie,
Wendy needs a splackavellie,Brandy needs a splackavellie,
Tanya needs a splackavellie,And Cocoa needs a splackavellie,
Splackavellie... cuz im bout it bout it baby

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