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You Are The One

Pretty Poison

Again your in my mind
You're always there with open arms
You kiss me so gently baby
You know just how to comfort me

You are the one
You are the one for me

You ask me how I'm feeling
You want to know whats going through my mind
I did not open up to you
The way I know I can
Its about time
Let me tell you baby
Your constantly running through my head
My father told me the day would come
When I'd meet someone like you
And that would be it
But I know there is much more
The way I feel for you is so real
The slightest touch of your hand
There's only four words
That will make you understand

You are the one
I will always love you
There's noone above you
Cause you are the one
I will never neglect your feelings
My love is so deep for you
Cause you are the one

You came into my world
Everything so perfect in my life
I did not think you would understand
But you knew why I kept it all inside
Now I know baby your the one God made for me
It took some time to realize this
But now I know your the only one for me
You taught me how to love
You showed me the meaning of affection
I can't believe its true
The wait is over
I have finally found you

Chorus (2x)

You are the one
You are the one for me

Let me tell you baby
I'll never ever make you cry
The only tears that will ever fall
Will be tears

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