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Brother With A Purpose


M.C. T. on a hit and 2 make sure I don't miss
Kick the beat since this fool persists

Step off me, get the hell off, well I'm riding (Whoo!)
Flowing with this funky beat, U suckers keep on tryin' 2 diss this
Uh-uh, I ain't having it
Sucker duck, understand my schedule work 2 heavy
I'm a man, I mean, sometimes it seems
Damn, I'm clean but I can still cop a lean
And explain 2 U a M.C. who's got beef
I'm giving grief 2 disbelief
U said that I was new 2 this, well put me on your hit list
I'm 'quipped 2 rule, and I squash all the bull

We got our own ideas! {x2} (Yeah)

Antagonistic action
It's just a fraction of what I feel 4 U
I'll take my time in a rhyme, yo, let's bust a move
I'm steppin' with confidence, yes, I know it's evident
A backseat 2 U - that's irrelevant
U see it's like this, U shot and missed
And now it's my turn, U learn
U mess with the fire, U burn
And it's a heat-up situation sticky
U're the duck, uh-huh, I won't be picky
I'm bassin', U're chasing a dream that I'm livin'
U stupid pigeon,
Cuz even with the high flow, I keep a low-pro
U step off on me, and that's a sho'nuff N-O
I mean a no-go
Yeah, something like that

We got our own ideas! (Yeah, yeah) {x2}
Fucker be tryin' 2 step on my tip, yeah

(Lay down your funky weapon)
I'm a brother with a purpose (Yeah, pump it up, T.)
(Come join us on the floor)
So I'll take my time and serve this right
(Makin' love and music's the only things worth fighting 4)
Despite the negativity
Never want society 2 get the best of me
(We are the New Power Generation)
U sold out, just another fool, holdin' out
On the pockets of my brothers tryin' 2 get clout
(The only thing that's in our way is U)
Step back, cast the vapors
Your vision's blurred, check out my behavior
Calm, cool, never sweat the issue (So whatcha saying?)
Boy, what I'm saying is that we're past due
(Sick and tired of U tellin' us what 2 do)
Gotta stand up and be counted
Can't U see the trouble keeps mountin', boy?
And I won't stand 4 it
So get off cuz I'm about 2 have a fit
U can't step unless U step legit
Enough talk y'all, this is it
Let's get ill with this
Yeah, yeah

Suckers be trying 2 step up on my tip {x4}
We got our own ideas! {x3}

As I roast, U toast - can't stand the heat of the aftermath
(Oh-oh-oh) {repeat in background}
The words U ran with, U dissed just 2 get a laugh
The brother U ridiculed, they say U're the king of rules
Yeah, time 4 school
Time 4 walkin', I'm stalkin', U're talkin'
As U run your mouth down, I'm chalkin' up
Another way of gettin' paid in dividends
In the end, my friend, it's just a verbal blend
Yeah, get with that

We got our own ideas! (Yeah)
We got our own ideas! (Yeah)

Brothers be jockin', freaks be clockin'
Brothers be jockin', skeezers are clockin'

We got our own ideas!
Skeezers be on my tip (Yeah)
Trying 2 get with this
We got our own ideas!
Skeezers be on my tip (Yeah)
Trying 2 get with this
Skeezers be on my tip (Yeah)
Trying 2 get with this
Skeezers be on my tip (Yeah)
We got our own ideas!

Trying 2 get 2 this
Clockin', I got my own ideas
And they ain't got nothing 2 do what's in here
See ya next year - '91 in full effect
I'm getting ign'ant (Whoo!)
(Yeah, yeah)
We got our own ideas! (Yeah, yeah)

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