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Is it my imagination
Or are U with the boys again?
U used 2 take me with U
I used 2 be your best friend
When U finally come home
Your car ain't got no gasoline
That's OK, baby
Cuz my new love treats me like a queen
Eat your heart out

Vibrator makes me feel so good
Vibrator - don't U wish U could?
Vibrator - his patience can't be beat
Vibrator - I guess U could say that U're obsolete
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

It must be my imagination
Cuz I know I didn't hear U laugh
U'd be surprised what I do when U're through
Taking your macho bath
Uncharted waters sailed with ease
Land is always in sight
But with U it's always abandon ship (abandon ship)
And we didn't even get away from the dock 2night
Eat your heart out


Is it my imagination
Are U with the boys again?
U used 2 take me with U
I used 2 be your best friend
But now I'm just a plaything
Your ego-feeding female sex machine
Well U can take a hike, mister
Cuz U're the poorest excuse 4 a man I've ever seen!
Eat your heart out, sucker!


Vibrator makes me feel so good
Vibrator makes me feel so good

Uh oh, oh no!
Please don't die on me no

(Vibrator) {repeat in BG}
May I help U?
Yes, I was wondering if U had batteries 4 my bo...
Oh my God!
Look at the size of that thing!
Where did U get this?
Look, U got batteries or not?
Oh sure, we have batteries
They're in the storage room
Tell U what
I'll just take this downstairs and put them in myself
No, I'll tell U what, U and your rubber glove can go downstairs
And I'll take my business elsewheres
Now gimme this! Jeez!

Well, what do U want?
Goodness, nothing!
Baby, I'm busy
What do U want?!!
Do have any batteries that will fit my body massager?
Body massager? Please!
Right, U see my back's been acting up lately and...
Yeah, my back's been acting up 2
In fact, it acts up every time my boyfriend leaves
No, really, my back...
Save it honey, put it in the bank
I know what's happening
Here, these oughta work
Yeah, yeah, that'll work
Thank U!
Yeah, yeah, go on, get outta here!
Thank U so much, thank U!
Yeah, so get..
Body mas.. please!
(Vibrator) {repeats in BG}
G-spot, g-spot, where, oh where..
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Ready or not, here I come

Oh yeah
Oh, here I come
Oh yeah

Here I.. here I.. here I come!

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