It's been a long time since we met.
Six month from the continent.
We've scaled the great divide and impaled many hearts an dinds (no way).
Never weak, we stay strong on the road where we belong.
A mass awakening to us is everything.

Before your memory is erased, remember this familiar place
When the lights go out and the beers all gone and the room is silent,
And your friends have left you all alone in a pool of vomit with your
Glasses crushed by the force of stage in a rage of violence.
This one's for you! Zugabe!

After years of buying time, next drink you'll be buying mine.
To the self relevant, fuck you, and thanks for the compliments.
Seems everyone needs a voice these days,
And everybody needs to have their way.
I'm just here for the ride, if not to soak it all in,
Cause in the end the life that you make is equal to the chance you take.

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