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Cluck Cluck

Product G&B, The

excuse me, yo, i've got an announcement to make
if u aint never been to himstead then
welcome where chickens cluck cluck day and nite(g+b)

i c some chickens goin crazy all up in my cage
im about to pluck two fix em up on my plate
cluck cluck everybody knockin all up in my crib
anybody wanna know the partys still six
somebodys knockin knockin knockin at my door
same chick that u slept with
she claim my man is coming home from a bid
she said i can tell her she gotta be with the kids,kids, kids,kids, kids

verse 1:
i dont want to bring u complications
i just want one line of satisfaction
after tomorrow we can act like nothing happened
take this invitation with the metro card to the train station

chorus:she said i do i do i do
i i (want want) said i do i do i do cluck cluck x2

bridge: repeat

verse 2:
i dont want to force u to stay if u dont want to stay
i just want to thank u girl for making my day
but just in case u change ur mind i gotta king sized bed
with a bottle of wine....can't afford her running cuz i knew
that she was coming and i didn't wanna waste my time...

chorus: repeat

yo its the inivator in 20 years ill be amongst the greatest
came in grinding all my clothes tellin me
saw the cluckers wanna know im a friend of em
thats when i flip out and turn into the werewolf of london
yall cant get no money even if you all gave me money
u did its the iceburg slip philosophy
wyclef g+b up in ur area
so many chickens fighten it looks like riots in africa

Bridge:repeat x2

yo i told ya official jump off..wyclef come on come on...

chorus till fade..

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