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"Don't Save Her"(Feat. Crunchy Black)

Project Pat

Welcome to the
Hypnotize zone
Today you'll hear the story
Of Russell Resthaven
And the day he tried
To save his girlfriend
Here's the story

Man ya won't believe
What da hell happened
To me now man


How did this nigga
Come round my house
Then fucked my bitch
But I'm gonna kill him
When he will get off
Work tonight though

Man fuck dat hoe man
You can't be tryin'
To save that bitch
Man my nigga den
Housed a hoe to
Brown Freesia

Man I spent cheese
On her and everything
And I bought rangs
And mo shit man
I'mma kill that nigga
Dat I'm goin' marry

You can't turn a hoe
Into a house wife man

I love her man
I love her man
She's mine man
I love her man
I gotta marry her man
I'mma marry her

Don't save her
She don't wanna be saved
(Ain't nothin' going on
But the money and power)
Don't save her
She don't wanna be saved
(Got one in the chamber
For you weak ass coward)
Don't save her
She don't wanna be saved

[Repeat chorus]

I'mma introduce me
Project Pat I keep it real
I'mma introduce you
You's a sucka faking deals
If you gonna let these
Freaky hoes run yo life
I don't understand how
You turn a freak into a wife
I don't need to get why
You be eating out her draws
You done bought the bitch a phone
Now you screamin' in all the calls
It's about O-A.M.
She ain't nowhere to be found
Somewhere wit' her friend dick
In face and turned to ground
But you best save it last and
You know that she'll go
Suckin' dick, chewin' cad
And I hear she on that blow
Did a line maybe two now
She down to do the dew
Took her to the studio so
She down to do the crew
I know just what to do
You can ask the hoe to leave
Once the bitch pack her shit
Hurry up and run them streets
Two things I ain't never in
My life done seen before
It's a U.F.O or a hoe
That wouldn't go

[Repeat chorus twice]

Jackie's simple
Jackie's quicker
Jackie likes to suck a dick-a
All she wanna do smoke
A blunt get a drink of liqour
Lip-ah to the balls booty
Even enough to smell dodie
You be tryna save a sweater
But you need the fuckin' letter
Be the bitch she really is-a
Suck my dick you goin' kiss her
Hating hoes try to dis her
Every nigga wanna hit her
Get her in the bed lay her
Down boots wanna fell
Call her up there nig man
There's a way-a
She the star of the foota
Pussy wet real gooda
Camcorder caught on tape
Did I stutter man I should of
Fucked her in her mouth fast
She be taking all cash
Keep my tank from Florida
She pay for my gas
Ass for my nigga drop-a
Somewhere tryna watch her
Pregnant by another man
But you wanna be the papa
Nut, come, but she crave-a
Backseat misbehava
You'll never get the bitch
'Cause she wit' that West Haven

[Repeat chorus twice]

Ain't nothin' goin' on
But the money and power
Got one in the chamber
For you weak ass cowards
And I'm tired of you niggas
Goin' saving dese bitches
Stop saving these hoes
Let another nigga get deep
Down in them draws
Take her over to my dogs
So we can do her y'all
Everybody can do it
Let's just have a ball
Ain't nothin' goin' on
But the money and power
Too many niggas
Out here cowards
They be saving dem hoes
They be paying them hoes
But a nigga like me can not go
I'm be kickin' in doos
I be fuckin' dese hoes
I be slammin' 'em
Down like Dominoes
Bitch you didn't
Know it's CB bro
In and out dese
Hoes does like pole

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