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Pretty Girls (Make Me Nervous)


Oh ya...
Come on...
Oh ya...
Come on...

If I were a dentist I would take the opportunity to look in your mouth
Maybe if I did then I would better understand just what you'retalking about
And if my x-ray picture gave the proper information I'd be backat the start
'Cause every time I try and talk to you my words keep fallingapart

Oh ya...
Pretty girls make me nervous
Come on...
Pretty girls make me nervous
Oh ya...
Pretty girls make me nervous
Come on...
When they're as pretty as you

And if I was a surgeon I would do an operation to examine yourheart
I'd check to see if you and me could really ever move beyond thevery start
And if my diagnosis turned out positive I'd still be onlydreaming of you
'Cause approaching you is something that I know I'd never havethe guts to do


And when she smiles she makes me happy
And when she gets near I get so dreamy ah...
And in my award-winning dream I perform like I was on a moviescreen
As I casually pop the question

Do you wanna go out for coffee with me?

"I don't drink coffee'

If I were a lawyer I would argue for the right to kiss youpassionately
And if I were a teacher I would rewrite history so you would endup with me
And if I were an architect then I'd be busy drawing up theperfect plan
But of all of these things above so alone is the only thing Iam

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