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La Connecta Part I

Psycho Realm

[Verse One] Sonny
Now I'm tired of makin' all the other motherfuckers money
while they sit back and leave it all up to Sonny.
It's been a long time I've worked for this lying piece of shit!
Now it's time to make my own grip.
For so Long I've been number two..
Fuck that! I gotta break off and my my own crew!
I'm tired of bein' held back
and lied to
like a vato with no respect
see what I do!
Checkin' this old fool
and takin' over everything
and every motherfucker with him
gotta die, too!
It's time for a change of power!
I planted two guards on the watch tower.

[Verse Two] Juaquin
I'm this vato's right hand man
mainman, Gato!
And when he goes out
I'm takin' over the scam!
I ran lil' blocks for tax
everbody for static control..
now I hold a position for sure.
Over those who role
they get in my way the lay..
in a hole try to tamper a goal.
Tryin' to move in
like this cuban..
thinks it's his spot
but there's no room for the two on the top
what is he tryin' to serve the organisation
for unnoted service
the boss is gettin' nervous
this is my chance to advance
I'm gettin' cynical
this guy's bein' alive makes the situation critical!

[Verse Three] Gus
Why have I been shacked in chains?
They claim I am wanted for murderous assist man.
At first I thought it was a government sheme
stickin' me, in the center of the crime scene..
It seems
I've bein' held for
bein' helpful
in a homocide
Why they try to give me life double
when I was made (wasn't I made?) untouchable?
But my family..
gave my life to crime comitee
now in a time of need you're sayin' 'Fuck me'?!
Why you wanna play me shady?
I protected your life
and as an offer I get sacrefied
to the law with no ties at all..
when the boss dies the whole kingdom falls!

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