And Only Hunger Remains

Pungent Stench

[by Schirenc]

lifeless they are prowling
Dark deserted streets
Raw are their faces
close is their sense of smell
Shadows of the past life
Marked their facial expressions
Forgotten are emotions
And only hunger remains
Silent they are reeling
Bodies cold like ice
Lost in a dream
Bones wrapped out in proud flesh
Aesthetic is the play
Of their uncovered sinews
Breed of the demised
Signs of transistoriness
Deep inside
Maggots and gruels have their nests
Guts can be
The home for a worm-family
They can't remember
The names they had once
Besides after death
Names have no consequence
They won't recognise
Parents, children and friends
memories are extinguished
And only hunger remains
Mouldy are their incisors
Appearance are deceptive
They're able to crunch a thighbone
It seems that they don't know compassion
Because they would even assault
A 3 years old girl in a wheelchair
Eager for booty and foaming
They rush at everything that moves
Believe me their greed knows no bounds
One bite of them is enough
And you will become one of them
You would lose your human nature
And only hunger remains

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