the smell of death seasons the air
tonight's the night to leave my darksome lair
the mortuary is my goal
I have this craving for some rotten hole

excitement grasps my sickened brain
and violent throbs my testicular vein
I might be one repulsive creep
doing what I do when everyone's asleep

caress the sallow skin
and taste the cavernous eyes with my tongue
I like it when they perished young
as an anal type of guy
I know those dead assholes tend to be dry
so I brought a tube of K-Y

I screw her all night long
impale her anus and cunt with my dong
and suck on her tits all along
right after I am done
I grab my carving knife for some more fun
for I am just my father's son

I slit her stomach and her bum
truncate her torso 'til my arms feel numb
My work is done when she is sliced
I leave her disgraced body vandalized

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