Hear the call - Line up your mothers
We'll take them skanks on a ride
Me and my two wretched brothers
We're gonna stretch their holes wide

Since, I came down MILF-fever
I can't dispute the urge
I'm lusting after hairy beaver
It's time to take to search

Popping anal cherries
Picking dingleberries

I met this bitch her name was Mona
A horny double D-cup
Her cunt was dry like Arizona
I had to lube that thing up

Poked her with my fist
Up until the wrist


Hear the call mature ladies
We have some good news for you
Get your bitch asses in our Mercedes
And have some cock shampoo

Boozed up an Asian MILF with sake
Her ass was steaming hot
She was a black belt in Bukkake
And made me cum a lot

Like my women wrinkled
Fat and semen-sprinkled
Damn that crotch smells sour
Wants me to devour

The filthy secrets of your mommy
I'm sure you didn't know
She had a piece of my salami
And sucked it like a pro

It's my righteous duty
To please that flabby booty


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