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Same Ol' Same Ol' (Next Episode Remix)


(Music and rap)

First time you say that you were leaving
I cried cos' you said you didn't need me
But the second that I started seeing somebody else
that's when you had to come back to me
Gone (Gone) You say you're moving on (on)
I've moved on to someone that would treat me better
But now you're trippin' cos you see that I aint over myself
and you wont let me be

Why you gotta call me on my phone
Everytime you see another boy at my door
Oh boy, you should have thought of that before
Now, You wanna come home when you're alone
Its the same ol' same ol'
sad senario
Everytime you say you wanne be solo
Oh boy, you should have never let me go
But you've done it before
Now I know that it's the same ol' same ol'

You thought that you could keep on doing
this to me,like I wouldn't keep on moving,
I admit for a minute you was having your way
what can I say I wasn't over you (oh no)
Things changed (changed), you and me are best forgetting
(No more games)
No more playin I admit it,
Don't you get it boy
You take it back tryin to say like it was yesterday,
You ain't never really ever cared about me (me)
Cause if you really ever cared about me (me)
It wouldn't take another man (man) to make you understand (that)that
You want me (you want me) uh
Cause if you really ever cared about me (me)
You wouldn't ever broke my heart and let me
And now you wanna come back and call me up


RAP (Sarai)
I'm tired of the same old games
and the same old lies
You know im sorry baby's and the lame aliby's
Your love had me blind like Stevie á maybe Wonder
Was it the love cast spell you had me under
You got me or wish you had
Now that im gone i know that you're missing me madly
Now the tables turned
No more you and me
Go with your boys i'ma go with P.Y.T.


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