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Am I Wrong

Queen Key

Queen shit bitch!

I preach what I practice
That's why the streets been reactin'
Can't match this rapper/actress
More powerful than two Cleopatras
I got it from Lauryn
These bitches too dumb and they borin'
You place some of they shit and I'm snorin'
These niggas I'm always ignorin'
They ain't too important, I only extort 'em

Real bitch, I never got an abortion
Real bitch, won't give a nigga a portion
Real bitch, makin' fake bitches force it
(Maken' fake bitches quit)
Can I breath now
Niggas start actin' lame, can I leave now
I don't care 'bout the fame or the weed now
Need that check in my hand, fuck a rebound
You know hoes get smacked if Key frown
(Bitches get smacked)
Made a movie, got ate from the front and the back

And meow!
I was all in his muhfuckin' mouth
Can't lie, gotta pee now
I let rap bitches have they fun
That's done, that's Key crown
Bitch I need now
Muhfuckas gone honor me
All these hoes put together, ain't one of me
Got my foot on they throat, ain't nothin' to me
Ate the honey like a muhfuckin' bumblebee

I'm Queen (bitch)
Ion give a fuck, watchu mean
Ion give a fuck whatchu sing (bitch)
Ion give a fuck whatchu dream
Ion give a fuck whatchu wish
Ion give a fuck whatchu kiss
Ion give a fuck 'bout these niggas
Ion' give a fuck 'bout a bitch
If you gone fuck with me, you really gotta fuck with me
Ain't no halfway fuckin' with me

Cuz that's how you be 'round snakes and shit
And ion got time for nobody fuckery
I never been average
I never plastic
Intelligent bad bitch
I never got ran by niggas or been in no train
And these bitches get sandwiched
Bitch my pussy my palace
My shit get ate up like salad

And ion wanna sleep with no hoe
Am I wrong if I make you a pallet
Am I wrong if I know that you damaged
Am I wrong if I'm kinda imbalanced
Am I wrong if I accept the challenge
Money long and I accept the balance

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