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exibições de letras 168

You are the sunlight that wakes my slumber
The rain amidst my drought
Underneath these heavy leaves
You have found me
Outside in the moonlight
Staring at the stars I can not reach
Twinkling in the twilight
I see Your shadow
Around me and within me
Swallowing the darkness that I know
Fading with the sunrise,
My fear in crimson flow

You are the lifter of my head
You are the Christ
The rock beneath my feet
And though You may not
Show me where You are
My joy remains complete
Within Your peace

I hear you whisper in the raging
of the waves that crash my soul
In the storm sustaining
Your wisdom takes its toll
On my being, my spirit's sanity
In Your grace completing
The days ordained for me
From the forming
Of the sea the wind the sky
Understanding leaves me
Now show me through Your eyes


Don't You konw who I am?
Don't You see the things I do?
Don't You understand the evil
That cuts me off from You?
But You are the Great I Am,
You are author of all grace
You have overcome the evil
so that I can see Your face

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