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Bleeding Heart

Rachael Starr

We meet for a moment and than it`s goobye
But i just lived a lifetime with you in my mind

What would it be to live in you r world
If you were my boy and i was you girl

It`s crazy this spell you have me under
I know it can`t be but i`ll always wonder

What would my life be livin in your arms
I fell i`ll never know
And what would you say
If i were to say
And jus go your way

This were you lose your mind
And just let your heart unwind
You`re blind don`t l lose control
You`re mine don`t lose it all

( repeat)

Could you fill in the blanks in my story
Tell me wath i`m missing what you could be for me
What would i find if i followed your path

All the things i long for that i`ve never had.

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